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Maile's Favorites

Maile just loves a good book!  She enjoys having children read to her both here at Lincoln and at the public library.  Maile wants to share her enthusiasm for reading with you.  Here is a page dedicated to Maile's favorite books.

January Pick

My Big Dog

By Janet Stevens

Merl the Cat's pampered life is turned upside down when a little golden retriever puppy moves into the house. Merl tells the story of how he tries his best to oust the newest member of hishousehold. Thwarted at every turn by the ever-growing puppy, he finally comes to terms with the presence of his big dog. Hilarious illustrations by Caldecott Honor winner Janet Stevens make this one story kids will ask to read again and again!

February Pick

Did you see Chip?

By Wong Herbert Yee

Kim's dog, Chip, is lost in the big city. How will she find him? Maybe her new friends can help. Kim and Dad are lonely when they move from their farm to a new house in the city. Then their dog escapes!  By the time this family finds Chip, they discover that they have also found many new friends. 

September Pick

Slippers at School

by Andrew Clements

Slippers wants to go to school with Laura, but school is no place for a puppy.When she isn't looking, he nuzzles his way into her backpack. Slippers rides the bus, then visits the classroom, the cafeteria, the gym, and even the principal's office, all without Laura noticing—but plenty of other people do! Kids will squeal with delight over knowing more than Laura and seeing the silliness of a puppy at school.

November Pick

Some Dogs Do

By Jez Alborough

One day, when Sid is walking to school, he suddenly gets a happy feeling. In fact, he feels so happy that his paws lift off the ground, and he floats right up to the sky! He can’t wait to tell his friends at school, but of course they don’t believe him. "Don’t be daft," scoffs Ben. "You’re a dog, and dogs don’t fly." Even Sid’s teacher shakes her head at him. Now Sid is one unhappy little pup. Can anything ever get him flying high again?

December Pick

The Best Snowman

By Margaret Nash

When Robby builds a different snowman for each of his neighbors, Mr. Perry thinks that his teeny-weeny snowman is the best.